About Us

We are a finanical inclusion wallet, with a versatile offering, aims to be the leader in mobile wallets in Southern Africa.


Who we are

ePay is a digital wallet which provides software with the goal of creating access and simpifying digital payments for the everyday consumer, merchant, and enterprize through creating cash-like trust in the digital ecosyetem.


What we do

ePay is a digital payment ecosystem thaty connects consumers, merchants, enterprises and service providers. Where all of them can provide payment services to each other. By transfering funds, make purchases and take out loans. Using e-Pay is the easiest & quickest way to send, spend & receive money instantly at the lowest cost. Simple, reliable & convenient. Our vision is to be the most innovate & user friendly mobile wallet in Africa.


How we do it

With our modern, secure and relaible platform, our mission is to deliver an innovate and efficient solution to enable a great mobile experience in th digital ecosystem.

Our Solutions

We are a one stop shop that provides solutions that recognize the needs and solve the pain points of the consumer.


ePay sets out the imperative for the public and public sectors to collaborate to deepen financial inclusion, reduce reliance on cash and encourage the use of digital payment methods.


With ePay, we are the aggregator of all payment systems , providing solutions for consumers, merchants and enterprises.