About Us

ePay is a digital wallet which provides payments software with the goal of simplifying payments for the everyday consumer, merchant and SMME.

Mobile Wallet Innovators

e-Pay was developed to make mobile payments secure but most importantly easy.

Strong Founding Team

Our founding team have strong complementary skills ranging from business development, to technical innovation.

African Focus

We have a focus and vision to be the most innovative and user-friendly mobile wallet in Africa.


Using e-Pay is the easiest & quickest way to send, spend & receive money instantly at the lowest cost. Our service is simple, reliable & convenient.

No Bank Account Needed

to spend, send, receive, and even invest your money.

Send Money in Real-Time

to other ePay Digital users.

Transfer money back and forth

between ePay Digital and regular bank accounts.

ePay Ecosystem

The ePay wallet aims to address all your money needs as a digital citizen.

NFC, Legacy payments & QR code

You are able to make payments using NFC, Legacy payments or Scan QR.

All-in-one flexible solution

Customer and product on boarding, authentication, online fees and commissions, risk and dispute management, credentials management and fraud prevention, online accounting, interfaces to payment schemes.

What you need

We provide all the neccesarry transactional facilities to our customers.

All you require is the following:

  • A South African ID or Passport
  • A Smartphone

Our Team


Mandla Mhinga

Founder, Business Dev & Innovation

Avi Maja

Founder, Tech Expert, System Analyst

William Mpofu

Founder, Financial Director

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